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1. Corrugated Fiber Board Container


2. Corrugated Box


3. Palletised Corrugated Box


4. Waterproof Corrugated Box


5. Fumigated Palletised Corrugated Box


6. Assembled products


Assembled products

Corrugated boxes are provided by many companies but we specialize in the sector of assembling the products. We assemble many shapes of different sizes inside the box which provide a perfect fitment inside the box. As we take the e.g. of machines and pumps, we provide corrugated box with the exact shape of machine or pump so that the product fits well and there will be zero percent chances of damage to the product.
It will be better to say that we provide customized packaging for product, and thus attaining complete customer satisfaction.

Benefit to Customer
  1. Customer gets zero percent defects in product delivery.
  2. Customer gets customized packaging.

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