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1. Corrugated Fiber Board Container


2. Corrugated Box


3. Palletised Corrugated Box


4. Waterproof Corrugated Box


5. Fumigated Palletised Corrugated Box


6. Assembled products


Corrugated Box

We are the leading suppliers of Corrugated boxes in Karnataka having 5ply automated plant in Harohalli, Bangalore. We manufacture unmatched quality of Corrugated Boxes to meet the constantly increasing demand in the worldwide market.
 Our ultimate goal of entering this sector is to offer the unparallel level of satisfaction to customers by making quality products. Reasonably priced, best quality Corrugated Box manufacturer, Adarsha Packaging Pvt. Ltd. has always been preferred by customers for offering quality products at an affordable price.
Paper as it may sound to be weak and fragile can actually support and carry tones of material together. It is designed and constructed properly bearing in mind that you can pack anything in CFCs (Corrugated Fibre Containers) from medicine, auto-parts, textile, machineries to marbles etc.


Benefit to Customer
  1. As paper is lighter than wood, it is easier to handle and require minimum space for storage.
  2. Since, paper can be recycled after usage so Corrugated box and CFCs  can be recycled and thus it is environmental friendly.
  3. It is designed and constructed in such a way that our customer can pack higher quantity as well as higher  volume of goods and transport it such that our customer may save more on transportation cost.
  4. Customer gets a minimum moisture content of 5-6% in  packaging boxes with high bursting strength and quality to pack anything from medicines to auto parts etc.(due to the rolling belt facility in the plant to reduce moisture content by heat).

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