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1. Corrugated Fiber Board Container


2. Corrugated Box


3. Palletised Corrugated Box


4. Waterproof Corrugated Box


5. Fumigated Palletised Corrugated Box


6. Assembled products


Waterproof Corrugated Box

We are committed to provide reliable packaging material for products which needs water proofing. We have come with an ultimate packaging material, ‘Waterproof Corrugated Box’. These boxes made by our company have proven track record of preventing the products from any damage or loss due to the water entering inside.

Benefit to Customer
  1. Waterproof Storage Box supplied by us withstands water, which ensures complete safety of the items to be packed in.
  2. As paper is lighter than wood, it is easier to handle and require minimum space for storage.
  3. It is designed and constructed in such a way that our customer can pack higher quantity as well as volume of goods and transport it  such that our customer may save more on transportation cost.

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